I am freezing!  I didn’t expect to be so cold in this part of India.  Dehadrun had a high of 59, low of 48 today and I did not pack appropriately.  I am going to have to buy a coat out here.  Can you imagine!  I wouldn’t be so bad but our primary mode of transportation leaves you open to the elements. 


Alright, now that I am done with venting that…on to today’s work.

I rode a train 6 hrs from Delhi to Dehadrun.  It was a comfortable ride, breakfast was served similar to what one gets in a plane.  Then I went straight to the hospital to speak with a Physician and have orientation, next I went to the place I am staying to drop my gear and immediately went to have a lecture with a 103 year old Auyvedic legend.  That was fun!  We were talking about Reiki and I didn’t want to leave.  But we were already late to see another Doctor that practices Auyvedic medicine and he gave an overview of Auyveda.  I shall return tomorrow at 11am for practical lessons with patients, see the legend again and then return to the 11am Doctor for further lessons on Auyveda.  Awesome!

Today, I learned that Indians believe that woman hold their power.  Interesting concept.  I few other pearls I took away from today (outside of medicine): Indians believe health is spiritual and life is best enjoyed when you remove luxuries.  I agree with both; I wish more thought this way in America.   

Everyone here speaks mildly so I try to match there tone so as not to offend.  I still usually end up being the loudest person in the room (Africans are loud).  I have not done yoga here in Dehradun and I doubt that I will, but I know a lot is done in Patti and Rishikesh were I go after being here for 1 week.  I look forward to that.  Unfortunately, it is not warmer there.  

It was a good day.  The only thing I did not like was the cold.  I hate being cold.  I has been raining for 2 days straight, which is odd for this time period.  However, the weather is shifting globally. 

One day at a time.  That is my motto.  I am still getting use to the schedule and movement in India.  So right now I literally take it one activity at a time.  While I was interviewing, an interviewer who was now retiring and had been interviewing for 30-40 years told me, “this is the thickest application I have seen”.  People often ask me how I am able to so many things at the same time.  My answer unfortunately isn’t a great one.  I literally fumbled this question every time I was asked.   Answer: I just take things one step at a time because otherwise it can be overwhelming.  The most overwhelming thing about India so far has been the cold weather.  But instead of freaking out about how cold it is projected to be and whether I will get a coat, I am going to just figure out how to make it through the night and it’s gotta be about 56 degrees in here. 

Activity: The Legend asked us to practice this and I’ll share it with you as well.  See how long you can breathe in and how long you can breath out.  Don’t hold your breathe, just count how many seconds you breath in and out separately.  Then try to increase that time.  Mine is 17s breathing in and 11s out.  You will notice that after a few attempts you will feel your lungs expand and you will take in more air with each normal breath.  If you try it, let me know how many seconds you had.

Fun Fact:  It took me hours to figure out this mosquito net configuration.  It was much simpler in Delhi.

Delhi mosquito net situation

Delhi mosquito net situation

Dehradun mosquito net situationDehardun

Dehradun mosquito net situation