Ah Patti! Now this is what I am talking about. WARM! Funny, everyone told me it would be cold in Patti. Patti is a village 45mins from Dehradun. The mornings and evenings do get chilly, but majority of the day is hot. It must be in the 80s and I Love it. This is more of what I was expecting. The scenery is drop dead gorgeous, some of the beautiful Natural landscaping I have ever seen sans Malibu. It looks like something out of The Lion King vision board. This is because the trees have a dessert look to them, apparently they cut off the branches to feed to the cows and it makes the trees in the immediate view a bit barren. But the ground is covered by wheat crops that look like beautifully healthy long green grass that calls you to run through, peppered with equally tall lavender colored flowers and the landscape beyond that are plush tree laden hills for as far as the eye can see with mountains in the cloudy distance.

I have yoga first thing in the morning, 6am, we do it outside during the sunrise. (Can you imagine? I mean this is living.) This is followed by morning tea, breakfast and then morning clinic. Clinic is not very busy so I read mostly and have been very contemplative. The first day I just decompressed from Dharamshala and barely spoke much. It is very quiet and peaceful; a welcome contrast to Dharamshala. I appreciate the small convenience shop right next to the clinic. I can find everything my heart will desire there, for relatively cheap. Other than that there are no further opportunities to spend money and I am grateful. I know there will be plenty opportunities to shop in Rishikesh, but I am happy for the break.

The afternoon starts with lunch at 1pm followed by afternoon tea at 2:30pm before clinic resumes at 3pm until 5pm. The clinic moves very quickly akin to an urgent care.   The patient tells the Doctor their symptoms, he has me take vitals and then he gives his diagnosis and rights them a prescription. There is a pharmacy literally 24 inches away as part of the clinic. They slide in there and grab their meds before leaving. The Doctor, a Pharmacist and one volunteer run the clinic. Dr. Paul uses both Ayurvedic medicine and allopathic medicine. I do not know how he keeps both so well in his brain. The evening is concluded with yoga at 5:30pm (yes, at sunset) and dinner at 8pm.

Patti is the best place to read and be with your thoughts. When the clinic is not busy, I am reading a book given to be by Dr. Prem Nath, the 103 yr old legend. It was entitled Understanding Depression and Fear told from a Psychologist perspective. It is very intriguing. As it is from a psychologist point of view it talks lot about how childhood occurrences bring about depression, fear, anxiety and resentment in adults. It has me thinking a lot of my children (of which I have none currently) and how I want to raise them.

GE DIGITAL CAMERASuccessfully figured out the mosquito net situation in Patti

GE DIGITAL CAMERAYoga instructor, where we eat and did yoga

GE DIGITAL CAMERAPatti is brilliantly beautiful.  Look at what God can do